We Now Offer Mastering

Music Mastering Services

When looking for a mastering engineer, the best thing to do is to send a song to a few different mastering studios to see who can make your music sound the best. Hiring a stranger to master your music can be scary, but getting a sample from a few different mastering engineers before hiring them makes it a lot easier to find someone you can trust. I’m sure you’ll find that my audio quality is amazing, and that my customer service is second to none.

Free Mastering Sample

To get a free mastering sample, send me a song and I’ll master two different samples of your song for free. Typically, I’ll master one louder, more compressed sample, and another less compressed and more open sounding sample. If you like how the samples sound, you’ll be able to purchase and download the full masters instantly, or hire me for your next project and get free mixing advice before final mastering.

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