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The Evolution of Tony T


            Antonio “Tony T” Turner grew up in Woodville, MS and every time the church doors open Rosie Mae Turner who he affectionately called Big Ma would have him there.  Her mission was always to raise him up right but little did she know she would introduce him to his passion.  He was mesmerized by the music he heard.  The voices, the drums, the keys, everything about the music captivated him.   He would come home & beat on buckets for drums.  At the tender age of 10 his “Big Ma” bought him a guitar that would change his world forever.  His Uncle Charlie Gibson Jr. took out time to teach him how to play it.  From there he started the group The Golden Eagles Jr., a five piece boy band that was named after an older male group in the community.


            As his love for music continued to flourish Tony T began collect instruments and even some sound equipment of his own.  He came to know his production skills by recording different instruments on a cassette tape from his keyboard with a karaoke machine. Recording each instrument’s sound on several different cassettes he would go back and compose them together one by one. He would take his mixes to his Uncle Derrick Ward’s, aka Uncle Buck, studio in Woodville and let him listen to them.  While other kids were going to sport practices after school he would go over to his uncle’s studio, do his homework and play with the equipment.  After a couple years Uncle Buck & rapper/producer Pink 4 realized that he remained interest in the production process and began to teach him everything they knew.  When Tony T was 13 year young Uncle Buck closed his studio and gave him all of his equipment.  From that point he turned his mom, Margaret Turner’s home into his very own recording studio.  Keeping her up all night with loud music he also took his recording skill on the road, literally.  He would pack up all of his recording equipment and go around to people’s houses and record them there on location. In 2004, Tony had his first major session at the age of 18, recording an entire album for local artist, Jessie Miles.  Once it was released it created major buzz in the area & sparked serious interest in other local artist.  People realized he had raw talent.  Somehow a semi professional gospel quartet known as “The Veal Brothers” got a hold of Jessie’s album and Tony T later found himself recording their album in 2008 entitle “Crossroads”.  He also played the keyboard for The Veal Brothers.  As business began to grow Tony T took an even bigger step in his career and joined the gospel group  "Highly Favored”, where he played keys, bass guitar, & did background vocals.  While in the group Tony T began to coproduce and also wrote the song, “Negative People”.  Afterwards,  Highly Favored got signed to a major label, Malaco Records; where they released the album entitled “Time Out”.  On the album Tony T also exposed his writing skills when he wrote the song, “My Story”.  Now his talents where know at a national level and more people became interested in his work.  


             Producing countless artists across the United States and appearing on BET numerous times with the award winning gospel group, "The Williams Brothers”, “Highly favored" and doing countless shows and concerts across the country with other artist he’s produced. In 2014 he achieved unsuspected success when he was chosen to appear in a Universal Studios film, Get On Up (2015), a “James Brown” Biopic Starring “Chadwick Boseman”. In 2016 Tony T was hired as the V/O recording engineer for Discovery Channels series “Street Out Laws: New Orleans where he recorded the tv shows star, “Kye Kelley”. In 2018 he was rewarded the honor to produce legendary Gospel artist “Huey Williams” of “The Jackson Southernaires” first solo recording “A New Move” ; Tony T & the entire Vigor Music Inc company is growing rapidly.  With his late great beloved “Big Ma” as his inspiration and mom, Margaret, as his support system; Tony T has one more main component that drives him, his son “Jeremiah Turner”. Starting a new generation of musicians Tony T inspires his son to play instruments too; he also started playing drums at the tender age of 2. He recalls with a smile that he felt like he had made it when his son called him numerous times while he was in church just to tell him that he had seen him on TV.    


            There’s no doubt about it, Antonio "Tony T" Turner is one of Mississippi's finest producers and musicians! Some even say, “He's a mastermind in all genres of music”. With over 16 years of musical experience Tony T is a well sought after producer in the South, especially in the Southern Soul and Gospel World. With an extremely bright future amongst him Tony T is well on his way to the top!

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